Katherine Caines

Co-Founder and Mastermind

 Through her practice, program development, and continuous education, Kate is constantly developing and refining how to make the most out of specific training and programming to help you reach your goals. Using her background in science and the metabolic principles we stand for, she applies these programs to broaden health and wellness for any person, any goal, and from any starting point.

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Chris Kaschalk

Head Coach and Director of Client Experience

Chris is our head coach and nutrition director.  During his time in nursing school, Chris developed a passion for all things training and nutrition, coming to the realization that the status quo in various health and wellness fields leaves people stuck.  He strives to break away from that norm by taking an individualized approach to training and nutrition to help individuals drive performance both in the gym and throughout day to day life.  No matter your goals, Chris meets you where you are at to help lead you to choose your own adventure and break away from the status quo.

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Miles Caine


Miles is the head of our running program.  Having run through high school and college, he graduated with a degree in exercise science and continues to grow his knowledge on a variety of different health and fitness related subject.  One area he specializes in dealing with injury.  After experiencing many of his own injuries during his running career, he has dove deep into the topic and now looks to help others overcome injury and get back to peak performance.  So whether you are a new runner or have many miles under your belt, Miles can get you further and faster while keeping you injury free along the way.